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Urenna Satin Bonnet (Small)
Urenna Satin Bonnet (Small)

Urenna Satin Bonnet (Small)

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Urenna Satin Bonnet (Small)

  • The Chiwrapz Satin bonnets are made with ankara and satin Fabric. 
  • Keeps you very stylish and cute
  • 100% Ankara Print and 100% satin
  • Satin to prevent friction between the ankara fabric and hair when going to bed.
  • Care Instructions: hand wash
  • Please note: All Chiwrapz bonnets are made to fit most hairstyles including braids. The small bonnets are made to fit smaller hairstyles. Band size is made to fit most. 


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Urenna Satin Bonnet (Small) – Chiwrapz